Sunday Thoughts – Had a Great Week

Sunday Thoughts – Celebrating a great week

This past week was really good. I generally downplay my successes and happiness as not to sound pompous or egotistical. This mentality comes from not only my heritage, but I also my childhood experiences. I had a great childhood, but I was definitely not the popular kid in school. I grew up in a time when being smart was not cool. I’m writing this post more to remind myself that I can celebrate the great things in my life and not focus on the things that I can (or often time, cannot) change. Here are the highlights from my week:

  1. I went to my project’s sister office on Wednesday. Since I have worked from home for a bit now, it’s great to talk to everyone in person. It is definitely something I struggle with when I work from home. Though a lack of commute is great. J
  2. I expanded my network of women in technology by going to a panel this Thursday. I am naturally shy, so going to events where I do not know anyone is hard for me. I can make it through okay, but I am very tired once I get home. I met some great women who honestly just wanted to talk and help other women in their journey. Women supporting women is always a great thing.
  3. Happy Hour with the hubs and one of your best friends. We all went to happy hour at Café Birdie in Highland Park. They have a great happy hour! Their Moroccan Fried Chicken is really great and it’s on their happy hours menu for $10. I have been to this restaurant multiple times, and have always had a great experience. I also got their French 75, which is good. We caught up about life and all the craziness that happened after I left her and her bf’s party a few weeks ago! Glad I left at midnight. 😉
  4. Exercise class on Monday and Friday: As I will probably talk about in a later blog post, I have always had issues with weight gain and with my self-esteem. I am also very budget minded, so I always thought I shouldn’t spend the money on classes when I could just go run for free. Surprise surprise, I can’t just go for a run whenever I want because I do not enjoy it. I need to have other people around me to motivate me. I took a Barre class on Monday and then did a Spin Class on Saturday. I had done Barre previously and enjoyed it, so it was an easy one to get back into. Spin Class was a different story. I have never sweated so much in my life. My instructor was great, but did have bits of that stereotypical spin class instructor in her. She told me to go at my own pace, but after 3 classes, she would be hard on me. Eep! I went to this class with my friend from Friday’s happy hour. She has done spin for a bit, so she was grinding along. I think I will try it again, but maybe not every week. Haha.

What great things happen this week for you? What are you looking forward to this week?

With Love,


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