Monday Loves

In a play on the traditional Friday Favorites in my blogs, I’m going to suggest Monday Loves instead. Everyone needs a little bit of gratitude and happiness at the begin of the week! I will highlight products, events, people, and whatever else I love at this moment. I will start off this series with some of my eternal loves. Artists, places, products, etc, that I have loved for many years.

Monday Love #1 – the Backstreet Boys

For people who have known me all my life, they know the Backstreet Boys are my one true love. When I was around 10, my mom gave me a Backstreet Boys album and a *NSYNC album. I immediately preferred the Backstreet Boys and the rest is history. I went to almost every tour since the Millennium tour (1999) until now. I went to their Las Vegas residency (went to 2 shows in a row!) I still listen to all of their songs and especially when I am having moments of panic while flying. They are comforting, talented, and a reminder of great memories. My love for their music will last a lifetime. BSB and I also share a birthday, so it was probably destiny. 😉

This is me at the Backstreet Boys’ exhibit in the Grammy museum this past spring.

Monday Love #2 – The Los Angeles Dodgers

Yes, I know they just lost in the playoffs when they should have made it to the World Series. But that’s true fan love, you love them even when they disappoint you. I think sports can get a bad rap. We think of athletes as dumb or people who follow sports as uneducated, but that could be farther from the truth. My love of the Dodgers stems from my family. My mother spent some of her childhood within walking distance of Dodgers Stadium. She would tag along with her brothers as they went to the game to watch Sandy Koufax (her favorite player), Don Drysdale, among others. Luckily it didn’t matter to my mom and uncles what the players looked like. All that matters is that they could cheer for their hometown team and most fans in attendance would cheer with them. The Dodgers were the first team to have a black man on their roster. Until recently, the Dodgers had employed the highest ranking female executive in Major League Baseball. These achievements are moments to be proud of as an organization and as a fan base. I’m proud to be a Dodgers fan and they will be a forever love.

Opening Day 2019….months before the disappointment.

Monday Love #3 – Italy

I won’t go to in depth with my love of all things Italian. You have gotten a taste in my last post. My father and mother have always loved Italy. They spent their honeymoon in Italy and traveled there multiple times before my brother and I showed up. My love stemmed from their passion and also from my own experiences in the country. I will talk about why my study abroad experience was powerful for me in another post. Until know that Italy pulls on your strings and if you really immerse yourself in the culture, you won’t regret it.

a typical Roman corner – Rome, Italy

Final Monday Love for today – Gap Jeans

I have wear Gap jeans since I was in high school (15+ years) and they are always my go-to brand. There is something iconic about Gap jeans. Even though their business is not doing so well, people will always buy their jeans. It is what makes the brand still relevant today. I currently wear own their high rise denim skirt, in light wash, a pair of jean shorts, Mid Rise Curvy True Skinny Ankle Jeans (currently unavailable), and a pair of Mid Rise True Skinny Jeans in Everblack (also unavailable). I have a pear shape frame (which I will talk more about later!) and their jeans always seem to make my larger hips look great. Plus, Gap always has sales, so you will always find something you need at a price you are comfortable paying.

That is it for today folks! Let me know some of your forever loves!

With Love,


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