Monday Loves – Favorite Teas

Until I started dating my husband, I was not a big tea drinker. My mother would always drink tea and of course going to dim sum restaurants constantly, tea was abundant. My husband enjoys growing vegetables and herbs, so he used to grow chamomile, mint leaves, and other herbs that he would make into teas. As our relationship grew, I learned to like teas. I’m partial to either really earthy teas or mild teas, such as chamomile. So here is a roundup of my family’s favorite teas.

Trader Joe’s Decaf Irish Breakfast:

I drink this tea religiously now. The earthly flavors make it a good tea to wake up to, but it isn’t so heavy that you can’t drink it in the afternoon. You can get the caffeinated version as well, but I need to cut down on my caffeine intake. On the plus side, you can also make a couple of cups of tea with one bag. It’s a great simple everyday tea.

Decaf Irish Breakfast (photo by me)

Trader Joe’s Moroccan Mint Green Tea:

Another great Trader Joe’s tea is the Moroccan Mint Tea. The tea is not overly minty, but has enough to mask the green tea flavor. So if you are a fan of the distinct green tea flavor, this may not be the one for you. This is my husband’s current favorite tea at the moment.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea (photo by me)

Kusmi Tea’s Russian Morning No.24:

Three Christmas’ ago, I found a Kusmi Tea coupon on Gilt City. I thought it would be a great gift for my husband because of his previously mentioned love of tea. I bought him their $100 box set of 20 teas, tea bags, and a tea ball. This one was is favorite of the bunch. The brand’s Russian teas are variations on Earl Gray, except for this one. Haha. It’s a blend of two black teas: Ceylon and China. It’s also not very earthy. This is my husband’s favorite tea, but he’s also cutting down on the caffeine intake. We recently introduced it to my mother and she loved it! You can buy Kusmi teas online and the ship in the US!

Kusmi Tea Russian Morning No. 24 (picture from )

Pu erh:

This is your standard Chinese restaurant tea. This is the only tea my grandmother drinks and what my mom used to drink on the regular. I went to China with my family in April 2016 and I bought brinks of tea from Hong Kong before I returned home. I finally used the last bit of it toward the end of 2018. To me, this is the perfect blend of smoothness, earthiness, and a daily joy. The tea isn’t something that will change your live, but it makes your daily life more enjoyable. If you want to buy Pu erh (Mandarin term), you can find it at your local Asian market.

Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon: I normally do not like green teas, but this one if the exception. The lemon taste masks that green tea flavor. When I lived in Sacramento (and before I started mixing in my Chinese tea), I would only drink this tea at work. The cool thing about Bigelow is the only tea grown in the US. Their fields are located in South Carolina, so it’s cool to support an American tea company. Bigelow is sold at most supermarkets. 

Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon (picture from Bigelow Tea Company website)

Do you drink tea? What are your favorites!?

With Love,


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