Sunday Goals: 2020

Happy New Year again everyone! As we begin the first full week of the new year/decade, I am looking at lessons and triumphs of the past decade and seeing how I can have a full filling 2020s. I currently use a Day Designer journal, while helps me plan my day and keep track of how much I accomplish (and spend) each day. I have the Original Daily Planner, which I have linked here. They also sell a weekly and mini version.

With my planner handy, here are my goals for 2020:

  1. Develop a regular exercise routine – I find exercise a challenge. Going to classes costs money. Finding the energy to work out with a Youtube video seems dull. My husband is very disciplined about his workouts, so I’m going to join him a couple of times a week. The big thing for me I think in developing a routine is to find routine in the everyday tasks. I live in an urban area where I can walk to stores/restaurants/bars. Routinely choosing to go to local businesses will enable me to be passively exercising, along with helping the local economy.
  2. Finding a new hobby – This one sounds vague, I know, but I want to be open minded about what comes along. Blogging can definitely be that hobby for me, but as I will discuss in a post later this week, blogging will be more than just a hobby. My friends have many hobbies that vary in interests. One of my good friends pole dances; another is heavy into Star Wars board games; and another is an ambassador for arts. I have been going to meetups for mostly career related insights, but I will look to broaden that to other areas. Let me know what your hobby is in the comments!)
  3. Building and maintaining friendships – It’s not secret that as you get old, it gets harder to make friends. You no longer have the social structures that you have in school. Most of my best friends live in the Bay Area, so I am working on maintaining those relationships from afar. Luckily, this isn’t the first time we have not lived in the same city, so we are aware of those difficulties. With that said, I want to build new friendships with people here in LA. I have been reconnecting with old classmates, friends, and hopefully through my hobby, mentioned above, or through career oriented meetups, I will meet new people.
  4. Building an emergency fund – Let’s face it, money matters in this world. Since we recently purchased a new condo, my husband and I had to evaluate what our emergency fund should now be. I recommend doing this not only when you buy a new place, but when you have an major life changes (i.e. a baby, promotion at a job, etc.). We have come up with a number and this year we will get to that cushion. We are still going to be saving towards retirement and living our lives, but there’s a conscious effort to get the security net in place.

What are your resolutions/goals for the new year? Leave me a note!


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