Self-Care Saturday: Finding Creativity

On this Self-Care Saturday, I am working on fueling my creativity. I had never seen myself as a creative person, but am starting to believe that everyone (more specifically myself) has a creative side. I don’t express it though due to personal fears or lack of exposure. Being creative does not necessarily mean being artistically creative. When I was in elementary and middle school, my school had art as a mandatory elective. Well, I suck at visual art. It just isn’t my thing. Imagine my shock when I got the most improved artist award. It did teach me that I can improve myself and also that maybe I was more creative than I thought. I don’t practice visual art, but I have been able to channel my creativity into other mediums: acting in high school, managing a soccer club in college, and flexibility in my professional life.

Here are some ways to develop your creative side:

1) Listen to podcasts about creativity: Sometimes you may not know how to start, so this to be people who are already there! The podcasts you listen to should be in a field you are interested in. Entrepreneurship? Listen to Girlboss Radio. Love food? Bon Appétit will be your jam (pun intended). Listen to get your mind churning.

2) Sign up for a class: My mom and I once signed up for a flower arranging class at our local community college. I learned how to visual see what works and practice implementing this strategies. Teachers give you instant feedback and tips to hone your skills.

3) Practice: Like everything in life, you need to practiced and work on your skills. You need to make a conscious effort to be creative. Most people work for a living, so that is a great place to start. Be creative at work. Think outside the box to get results. Even in your personal life, you can be creative in finding ways to keep the romance alive in a relationship or keep the kids entertained for an afternoon.

4) Do something creative with friends/family: When my husband and I were still dating, we took a ceramics class at a local community center. My husband was always impressed by ceramicists, so I thought it would be great to try it together. We were able to collaborate on each other’s pieces and create pieces we still have. Having a partner in crime also gives you the motivation to keep going. My husband was definitely unhappy with some of his pieces, but I encouraged him to keep going. He improved over the few weeks and his appreciation for ceramicists skyrocketed.

Have a wonderful Saturday night everyone and get creative!

With Love,


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