Dream 2021 Bucket List

At least in the US, traveling again seems like a distant fantasy. With COVID-19 still killing thousands and no end insight, we can only dream about what will come next year. I’m a major planner, so this time of insecurity has taken a toll on me. I’m trying to be more present in the now, but that is definitely a work in progress.

So all I can do is dream about next year and hope for the best. Here are my top items to accomplish and do next year (if I can do any of them!)

1 – Return to Italy

This to-do is a little pre-planned since I bought a Travelzoo package to stay 5 nights in a villa outside of Florence. The package is good until October 2022, so if something happens next year. I got a back up. As I mentioned in my quarantine cookbook post, I’m definitely an Italophile. Returning to Italy would be a great way to get back to “normal.” The deal I got is no longer available, but here is another great one in the neighboring region of Umbria! Photos below were all captured by me in September 2017.

2 – Meet my co-workers in person

This sounds crazy, but I actually miss going into an office. I’ve been at my new company for almost six months, but five and a half of those months have been during COVID! I’ve done a good job getting more embedded in the team, but during that initial transition period, it’s nice to see a face. Next year will hopefully have more team happy hours, some trips to see clients in SF and NY, and more in-person interactions.

3 – Visit NorCal

When I left Sacramento this past February, I didn’t realize it would be my last time visiting maybe for the rest of the year. My husband last went the first weekend of March. This is the longest period of time my husband hasn’t seen his family, probably ever. And I feel guilty and saddened by that. We had a wedding scheduled in May. It was postponed to next year. We were then hoping to go over Labor Day since we both have the previous Friday off. With both COVID and the fires raging, it doesn’t seem like the right time either. So next year, hopefully we’ll be able to spend sometime with my in-laws and visit with the friends we have made up there.

4 – Go someplace new

Traveling was and is a big part of my life. Since we will (hopefully) be going to Italy next year, I want to make sure we go to a new location as well. I have two ideas at the moment:

  • Go to Milan for a day to see The Last Supper (Bucket List item for me!) and then fly to Amsterdam for 4/5 days
  • Take the train from Milan to Lyon and then onward to Paris

I’ve never been to Amsterdam or Lyon and have only heard great things about both. And like Audrey Hepburn says “Paris is always a good idea.” I am going to put a caveat that I love flying Air France, so ending up in Paris to fly back to the US also makes logistical sense.

The Eiffel Tower at Night

I do have other ideas floating around such as visiting Lisbon Portugal or staying in Italy and go to the smaller towns and/or the Dolomites. What are your suggestions? Leave comments below!

What are you hopes and dreams for next year? Leave your hopes and dreams below!

With Love,


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