Tuesday Thoughts: Life Update

Life is definitely a roller coaster. It’s been about six weeks since I posted and there have both positive and negative events that have dominated my life.

Let’s start with the positive though! My condo closed and the hubs and I are moved in and enjoying our “resort” lifestyle. The move went pretty well and with the help of family and friends, we move items from two locales to one place! Whew! We also decorated some for Christmas (which I didn’t do last year much to my dismay). I will be doing a moving post and a home buying post soon. Stay tuned!

On a sad note, a family member of mine was diagnosed with late stage cancer. This is the first family member to be diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. It’s scary and humbling to think that three months ago he just had stomach pains. I visited him in the hospital and it’s shocking to see the weight loss. Though his personality is the same, just more subdued.

When this news came out, I was debating a new career opportunity as well. With the family dynamics, I just knew this wasn’t the one for me. I was already having doubts, but this sealed the deal. I was having anxiety about the new opportunity and just had to listen to myself. I will also write a post about this in the future!

Lots went on in a matter of six weeks! But I will resume writing and there will be more posts coming!

With Love,


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